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You can be totally confident when you are shopping with Herbals Direct. Our Secure Server Software encrypts all card information to ensure  transactions with us are private and protected as they travel over the Internet.

We accept orders only from web browsers that permit communication throught Secure Socket Layers(SSL) technology. This means you cannot inadvertently place an order through an unsecured connection.

Are my card details secure?

Before entering your card details on payment page, there are are a few things you can look for to ensure the page is secure.  All Sage Pay payment pages are regularly audited by an independent auditor to make sure they comply with the latest security standards. 

Is there a padlock?

A padlock image shows that your details are being collected securely using 128 bit SSL technology.  Clicking on the padlock will show you the SSL certificate. Depending on what Internet web browser you're using, the padlock can be located in 3 different areas

Bottom right hand corner
Next to the address bar
Top right hand corner

What else can you look for?

If you can't see the padlock on the payment page, make sure the URL starts with 'https' instead of 'http'.  The extra 's' shows you the page is secure.

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