Cana Fistula

Cana Fistula£6.99

Seaweed Essential Oil

Seaweed Essential Oil£2.20

Organic Chickweed

Organic Chickweed£3.99

HD Bitters

HD Bitters£12.99   £9.74

Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii£19.99

Red Willow Bark

Red Willow Bark£9.99

Irish Moss - Wildcrafted, Hand-Harvested, Raw

Irish Moss - Wildcrafted, Hand-Harvested, Raw£9.89


100% electric alkaline, hand-harvested, or natural organic. Secure SSL payments. 

All our herbs, and products storewide at Herbals Direct have been inspired by the work and revived African traditional practices by Alfredo Bowman, affectionately called Sebi... and most call him Doctor. You can shop with confidence that everything we offer will be in compliance with his teachings, and the African Bio-Mineral balance.  Dr. Sebi UK, Dr. Sebi

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